My Potential

Any good freelancer has to have some footing in one area or another. Luckily, I have dabbled in a few things in my time trying to find hobbies and such and have both personal and professional experience in several areas.

Through most of my high school career, I dabbled in various clubs and activities. I was involved in my high school’s JROTC program in my Freshman year and my drama club through to my graduation featured in roles in plays like Julius Caeser, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Neverending Story. I also was highly involved in art classes, crafting a small portfolio for myself by my senior year though I have improved much since I graduated. After high school, I volunteered for the summer at my local Beebe Hospital to garner experience in dealing with patients and visitors and excercise my interpersonal skills. Shortly after, I started my college education, beginning in a medical field before shifting my focus to Human Services where I’m currently two internships away from graduation.

I have three years of experience in customer service work from interactions in previous jobs with Rite Aid and Michaels, both companies I enjoyed working for but had to leave due to personal issues. My responsibilities included cash handling, customer assistance, and workplace cleaning. My employers would note my sociable behavior on-the-clock, my multi-tasking ability, and my timely work ethic.

As far as personal skills, I have worked with computers most of my life, using common programs with Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Chrome, various drawing programs, and a few odd ones such as Notepad ++ and Audacity. I also have ample experience writing creatively and academically. After writing essays and reports throughout high school and college and receiving high marks on them, my academic writing is best described as bite-sized informative: I get right to the important information and save the fluff for drawing in a closing out my papers. Examples will be provided below.

Academic Works

As for creative writing, I have been writing stories since middle school and has improved vastly over the years. I mostly write fanfiction with the seldom original projects inspired by other writers or media. I mostly write using Microsoft Word assisted by Grammarly with additional writing experience in most free writing programs including Google Docs and Libre Office. A few examples of my creative works will be provided below.

Creative Works

In addition, my typing speed is roughly 60 WPM with a 98% accuracy when copywriting or transcribing and somewhere closer to 68 WPM when freely writing.

I also do art as a hobby, dabbling mostly in an anime/manga mixed style with both human and anthro characters as well as various icon designs and a few banners, but mostly character designs. A file of my digital works will be provided below.

Art Portfolio

I also, as of October 2018, have been certified as a social media manager across most platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My certification is provided below and if you wish to see my current work, go to Full Spectrum Healthcare‘s Facebook page. It’s my mom’s healthcare consulting program that I have been helping her with while I was working on my certification.

Social Media Certificate

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