I am offering my writing skills through a variety of services to help your business grow while doing something I enjoy on a regular basis. My services include:

  • Editing and Proofreading

Tired of staring at that twenty paragraph project you’ve been working on for six hours straight to check for those tiny errors you always seem to miss? I understand; not everyone has the time or patience to do that. I’ve been writing for almost ten years and normally dedicate entire days to going back and editing things my eyes couldn’t catch the first time while jotting down my ideas. I have also helped friends and associates edit documents for everything, from school reports to short stories, so they only have to focus on the aspect of putting their amazing ideas into writing while I focus on making sure the flow works for future readers and the occasional frugal professor. If you wanna tap out of reading over that paperwork monstrosity so you can focus your energy of further improving your life and business, I’m willing to take on that burden for you.

  • Transcription

Everyone likes to have recordings of interviews and lectures to listen back to for studying or being able to record your thoughts if you don’t have a notebook and pen like you do every other day, but putting the spoken word on paper is always a tedious task depending on a variety of elements. After having to transcribe several professor lectures and two interviews for the sake of my educational future and aiding in a few YouTube videos to aid the hard-of-hearing to enjoy the content of the videos that lack proper subtitles, I have the experience to transcribe most recordings and videos to provide the information discussed word-for-word. So, instead of struggling to write down what Mr. Steins said after rewinding his lecture on quadratic physics for the twelfth time now, let me take a crack at it while you go relax and unlodge that equation you’ve listened to hundreds of times from your gray matter.

  • Data Entry

The most simple tasks can be incredibly mundane, no? Something as simple as punching in numbers and names can turn into something akin to grinding for a level up in a game to beat the boss that you aren’t quite powerful enough to face yet: repetitive, tedious, and one small mistake will wreck any and all progress you made so you’ll have to start over. It’s a job nobody likes to do unless they have the training and experience for it, but some of us are willing to take a crack at it. I don’t have much experience in data entry aside from the times I’ve had to fill in Excel sheets for school projects, ordering stuff from Amazon, and every sign-up form I’ve had to fill for the many accounts I have across the hundreds of websites I use daily, but I’m willing to take on the task to give you more time to perform more productive tasks while I punch in the numbers and names like the work desk monkey I’ve aspired to be.

  • Customer Service

If you have ever worked in any job dealing with people face-to-face, you know that customer service is a fate worse than death itself, especially when it comes to the rude ones. No one is ever fully prepared to take on the burden of having to serve someone unaware of the regulations of your workplace and getting huffy when one thing doesn’t work for them. Some quit at the drop of a hat because they can’t stand confrontation, but most develop a shell from their time in the field and use it to their advantage. I worked in retail for three years between a drugstore and a crafts store and have dealt with every kind of customer there is in the world. I understand how to aid customers in their questions and help them get what they need so long as it doesn’t violate the rules of my workplace. Have I had the occasional disgruntled customer because I couldn’t fully help them due to outstanding circumstances? Of course, but the best way to deal with it is to learn from it and carry it to the next time such a situation occurs to turn it out for the better. Don’t be willing to tear your head out because Susie wasn’t happy that the dress she ordered was too small for her, let me handle her while you go out there and make your business thrive.

  • Internet Research

The internet is a vast place with plenty of information for those willing to dig around and look for it, but who has the time for that in a busy world as the internet continues growing every minute? After zipping around the internet for thirteen years, I’ve learned the tricks on how to pull up information to aid in finding what I need to put into various story elements, research papers, and project presentations to give data and reason with the threat of it being false or misrepresented. All it takes is a few keywords, a bit of know-how, and knowing how to navigate those nightmarish advanced settings in the popular search engines across the web. Why waste several hours trying to find that data point to make your project a home run star? Let me navigate the wild jungle of the internet for you and fight off the false news beasts in search of the crystal skull of accurate statistics in the temple of knowledge.

  • Ghostwriting

It’s always a struggle to get those ideas out and make them work in a way that will stick to people for the next few years. As a writer, I understand this more than anything, especially when deadlines are set and you can’t get the idea out fast enough to make a client or audience happy. I’ve been writing for almost ten years and I’ve had my share of writer’s block pitfalls and unmet deadlines due to lack of inspiration to write to understand that pain of being unable to get the ideas out. If you have an idea of where the story starts and ends, I’m willing to handle the meat of the story to let your focus on other ideas for stories in the future. Why trap yourself in writing the same story for months on end when you can hand me the premise and continue your creative ventures to become the next Pulitzer writer of the coming year? Let me lend a hand and make you a writing star!

  • Social Media Management

I am certified as a social media manager for accounts across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I am able to draft posts for use on business and professional pages in a timely fashion. I can run your social media accounts to draw in customers and keep things interested while you focus on working on the products and services to keep them coming back.



  • Editing and Proofreading- $10 per page
  • Transcription
    • For 1-2 Speakers- $3 per minute
    • For more than 2 Speakers- $5 per minute
    • Extra may apply depending on the quality of audio
  • Data Entry- $12 per hour
  • Customer Service- Negotiable
  • Internet Research- Negotiable
  • Ghostwriting- $9 per page
  • Social Media Manager- Negotiable
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